Wedding Ceremony Packages

///Wedding Ceremony Packages

Our Wedding Ceremony Packages have been designed to help take out the guess work and
give our clients an option to say yes that’s the wedding ceremony package I would like.
Each package has been designed as some of our most common options that our previous
clients have chosen.

Each Package can be changed to meet your requirements and the prices will be adjusted to meet
your preferred ideal wedding ceremony this may include changing the red carpet to a white
carpet or change in length. Adding extra decorations such as sashes to the chairs or adding
little flower bouquets to the aisle chair.

Please note these packages have been designed for locations with easy access should your
location be further than our standard please allow for extra charges as extra staff maybe required
We are human and we take care of our staff. Should your location be beyond expectations
extra staff will be employed to help with the loading and styling of your wedding ceremony
so that your wedding ceremony will be ready for your guests when they arrive and be styled
and ready for you to walk down the aisle in the time limits provided and within permit