1.Obtain a Council Permit 

Beach Wedding Sorrento Beach

Beach Weddings in Melbourne are very popular around Melbourne especially along the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside Area  and areas of Port Philip Bay.  

When planning a Beach Wedding you will require to contact the local council in obtaining a permit to allow you to hold your wedding ceremony on the beach.

To apply for your permit for the following councils click onto the preferred council and this will redirect you through to their website and application process:

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

Frankston Council 

Kingston Council 

Port Phillip Council                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Photo: The Baths Sorrento Beach


beach wedding elwood pier


Should you like to have a beach wedding and have it on a pier Elwood Pier and Piers in the Hobsons Bay area you will  require  to apply through Parks Victoria for your permit.  

Beach Weddings in the Hobsons Bay Council area do not allow beach weddings only garden weddings and weddings on the piers via Parks Victoria.


 Photo: Elwood Pier 



2. Styling your Beach Ceremony

Beach Weddings in Melbourne Sorrento Park Helipad

Once you have chosen your ideal beach location and you have applied for your council permit.  You will need to abide by your council permit as to what you can and cannot have for your wedding ceremony.

Some councils will have a maxiumum amount of chairs allowed on a beach location and other conditions attached to the permit. Each council has their own set of regulations.

Some of the most popular items to help style your “Beach Themed Wedding” include Americana Folding Chairs, Bamboo Arches and Wooden Arches,  Carpet Runners , Aisle Decorations with fresh flowers, shepherd hooks, bamboo tripods, signing table set  just to name a few popular items.

A Beach Themed Wedding doesn’t always mean a wedding on the beach you can still have that beach feel with a wedding on the foreshore or park overlooking the beach or with beach views.

                                                                                                       Photo:  Sorrento Park Helipad

Sorrento Park and Sorrento Helipad in Sorrento  are perfect locations on the Mornington Peninsula giving you a Beach Themed Wedding without being on the beach.

Brighton Beach Foreshore, Green Point in the Bayside area are also popular for Beach Themed Weddings without being on the Beach,

Port Phillip area we have Catani Gardens along the shoreline in  St Kilda as well as some foreshore areas towards Albert Park to Port Melbourne.


3. The Good and Bad  of a Beach Wedding What You Need To Know!!!

Planning a Beach Wedding in Melbourne has lots of good and bad points.  Melbourne is well known for it’s unpredicatable weather with 4 seasons in one day.  We are certainly not trying to discourage you of having a beach wedding in Melbourne but to help prepare you to have the best Beach Wedding where possible.

Always have a back up plan for a wedding ceremony whether it’s a beach or garden outdoor wedding as the weather conditions not only for Wet Weather  but also for high winds and Extreme Heat.  During the Summer months of Melbourne we can have some extreme hot days and with Australians loving their Summers and Beaches and Summer being our most popular holiday time. A beach that you have chosen may also be a very popular beach for locals and tourists and some cases the beach can be fully packed on a hot and warm days.

Do you want to get married amongst the beach goers and have them in your photo’s?   A permit to get married does not give you rights to the beach but allows you to get married on the beach.  So in some cases you will not be able ask people to move just beacuse you are getting married.

Choose a beach or foreshore that will give you some privacy or will have minmum amount of public during peak times. Remote locations is not the answer and some decorators and hire companies will not cart the stock long distances as the physical work and permit times make it difficult.

Having a back up plan is always good for all types of reasons. We have done 100’s of beach weddings and we have had to fight all types of weather elements to packed beaches to remote locations to high winds and of course extreme hot days.

Always choose a beach with easy access for all concerned from your decorators, to your guests and of course yourself. Brides don’t always realise how hard it is to walk in a wedding dress with high heels on beaches.  We also find that guests don’t always dress appropriately for  a beach wedding and will wear high heels as well. So have some comfortable flats or sandals for the ceremony and then change your shoes for reception for the more fancy heel.

Prepare properly for a beach wedding especially in the hotter months of the year.  Consider having umbrella’s for shade for you and your guests, chilled cold water bottled water is perfect from this and you can purchase slabs of water from your local supermarkets.  Remember to make sure they are cold nothing worse on a hot day and the water is warm or hot.   

Arrive on time for your wedding ceremony especially on hot days as your guests and the groomsmen will have arrived about 30mins before the cermeony starts so being on time limits the amount of time your guests are in the heat.  The longer people are in the hot sun the higher chances of heat stroke especially for elderly guests such as grandparents, aunts and uncles.  

Should you have any questions on having a beach weddings in melbourne we would be happy to discuss further and provide you with advice.

Feel free to email us at info@weddinghiremelbourne.com

Call Janelle 0404 046 833.


Photo: Beach Ceremony on the Lawn at Riva St Kilda

beach wedding ceremony riva st kilda