Mornington Peninsula Weddings Wedding Hire Melbourne   on the Mornington Peninsula offers a wide range of wedding venues and locations to cover all styles of weddings from Beach Themed Weddings, Winery Weddings for Rustic and Vintage Themed Weddings, Garden Weddings and Private Estates and Reception Venues.

Having lived and grown up on the Mornington Peninsuala personally with my Grandparents owing and running their own businesses on the Mornington and my Nanna awarded a lifetime award for the Angel of Mercy the Mornington Peninsula’s Air Ambulance Service. I have loved the Mornington Peninsula for so many reasons.

The Mornington Peninsula is well known for it’s beautiful beaches, parks and tourism. A popular destination for holiday makers during the Summer Months.  The Mornington Peninsula has and is one of the most popular destinations for Weddings with Brides and Grooms travelling from all over Victoria as well interstate and of course around the world to get married on our Beaches and in our  Gardens.

Beach Wedding Locations:mornington peninsula weddings

To get married on a public beach  on the Morningon Peninsula you will need to apply for a council permit with the Mornington Peninsula Council which can be done online or by completng the application which can be downloaded of the council’s website.  The cost of a wedding permit is approx $60.00 and covers for a 3hour ceremony time.

A Wedding Permit will stipulate the conditions on what you can and can’t have as part of your wedding ceremony such as maxiumum amount of chairs you can have, no confetti or rose petals , structures to be weighted down and not pegged and any other conditions that they wish to apply to the permit.  You are best to read the terms and conditions of the permit and anything you may wish to have as part of your wedding cermeony to liaise and get permission with the council.  Always get anything that is not part of the normal permit to be added or given in writing so that should anything arise that you have this to protect yourself.  As Wedding Hire Company / Decorator we also request a copy so we have this on the day for our records as well as yours should the council stop us and  ask for confirmation that we have the relevant paperwork

Having a Beach Themed Wedding not only covers having on a wedding on the beach but can also cover you on the foreshore should you not want to be walking on the sand.

Some of the most popular beaches on the Mornington Peninsula for a beach wedding include:


Mornington:  Mills Beach ,  Royal Beach, Schnapper Point, Mothers Beach,  Shire Hall Beach

Mt Martha: Mt Martha Beach opposite the Mt Martha Shops on the Esplande

Sorrento:  Sorrento Front Beach  near The Baths, Sorrento Back Beach near All Smiles Sorrento, Sorrento Park and Helipad gives you beach views

McCrae Beach:  Popular for those having a reception at Alatonero (formally The Pavillion) as it is across the road.  Please note that McCrae Beach does have alot of tourists camping on the foreshore during the Holiday Season


Garden Wedding Locations:

There are quite a few public and private garden locations on the Mornington Peninsula to get married.  With Public Gardens you will need to apply for a Wedding Permit with the Mornington Peninsula Council just like you do with a beach wedding.  Again their are rules and guidelines to be followed as part of the Wedding Permit to get married on a public garden location.

The most  popular Public Garden Locations for a Wedding on the Mornington Peninsula is:

mornington peninsula weddings wedding hire melbourne sorrento park

Sorrento: Sorrento Historical Park, Sorrento Helipad at Sorrento Park

Arthurs Seat:  Seawinds National Park   This Park is managed by Parks Victoria


Popular Private Gardens for a ceremony without a Reception attached are:

Mooroduc: Karrawingi Park

Mornington: Dalywaters

Hastings:   Iris Park 


Many Wedding Venues do have facilities  from a chapel, gardens and gazebo’s to hold your wedding ceremony as well as your wedding reception from all types of venues such as :

mornington peninsula weddngs beach wedding

Golf Clubs

Sporting Clubs

Wedding Reception Venues


Private Estates and Private Properties

Barns and Ranches

Hotels and Pubs

Speak with your desired wedding reception venue and ask if they can cater for your wedding ceremony as well.  

Also speak about a back plan options should you decide whether they can cater for all types of weather conditions not just wet but also extreme heat and windy weather.


Wedding Insurance is always recommended when planning a wedding to help protect you for any out of pocket expenses that may arise from planning your wedding through to the wedding day and after.  Always read the terms and conditons of the policy and choose a package that suits you.


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