Why We say No Petals on White Carpet Runners ?

So, you would like to hire a white carpet runner for your wedding ceremony.  White carpet runners are one of the most popular colors that brides hire for their ceremony as it is goes with all color themes as well as wedding styles.

However, we get asked on a weekly basis when couples contact us to hire a white carpet for their wedding ceremony can they put petals or confetti on the carpet.  The answer is NO ….

It may sound harsh when we say this, but White is one of the hardest colors to clean no matter whether it is a carpet, wedding dress, linen, clothes even your white kitchen tiles….  White is a color that shows everything from a speckle of dirt to a stain no matter how light the stain is it can be seen…


No Fresh Petals on White Carpets 

Fresh petals can contain pollen from flowers which is most cases can’t be seen straight away but it is a yellow substance that spreads in the cleaning process that can cause permanent stains and cannot be removed.  This includes both White and Colored petals.   Colored petals not only can carry pollen in the petals but once stepped on and other factors such as dampness from shoes or from some rain can cause color from the petals to transfer onto the white carpet and cause permanent staining.  Especially when the carpet is fully covered all the way down the aisle runner.




This client paid $$$ for the damaged caused as the carpet needed to be cleaned serveral times to bring it back to white


No Silk Petals on White Carpets 

Silk petals can just be as damaging this includes both white and colored silk petals as we do not know how the silk petals have been made.  The dye factor in the silk material is the concern.  The dye can run onto the carpet when stepped on or if the petals get wet and stepped on the dye can run even deeper into the carpet and spread further.


No Confetti on White Carpets confetti damaged white carpet

Traditional Confetti is paper based, and the paper is dyed cut and mixed to create a colorful mixture that does look colorful when thrown.  However, this can one of the most damaging outcomes as the dye comes out of the paper and spreads to make the carpet look

like it has hundreds and thousands on it.


This is what a white carpet looks like after confetti has been used and left.. This cost the client $600.00 for replacement.



Who Cleans Our Carpets ?

We here at Wedding Hire Melbourne clean all our own carpet runners from white to colored.  Not only do we own Wedding Hire Melbourne which Janelle runs full time and is the main contact.  Steven her husband owns his own business carpet cleaning business Grizzleys Cleaning Services for over 20 years and cleans all the carpet runners that Wedding Hire Melbourne hires out.

Steven is a fully qualified carpet cleaner with qualifications both here in Australia and Overseas and has perfected the cleaning process to allow the carpets to white and not stained white carpets.


It takes an expensive chemical and cleaning process and sometimes more than once to clean them to back to white …

Not only do we clean our white carpet runners, but we also clean many of our colleague’s white carpet runners including

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