Fresh Flower Extra Large Ground ArrangementsPlanning Your Wedding or Special Event…

Planning a wedding or special event takes time and dedication. In some cases it takes over 200 hours to plan with so much detail going into making this event special.

We congratulate you on your engagement!!

First thing when planning a wedding is organisation.

One of the most common questions is where do I start? Two main starts in planning a wedding is the budget. How much money can I afford, who will be paying for the wedding and will I be getting financial assistance from family…


Next is to create a guest list… No point in planning a wedding if your guests list does not meet your budget…

Work out on your guest list this includes getting a list from both sides if need be and combining the lists and working out must invite, maybe invite and not required.

It may take a few takes in getting the guest list right. Once you have a 90% guest list together you will then be able to work on your budget. This list a list of everything you believe you will need to create your dream day.

Get advice from other people you may know who have recently gotten married you will be surprised on the items you will not have included in your budget that can blow the budget apart. These items are the small items not the bigger items such the reception, ceremony costs, photographer, flowers etc. These small items include favors, decorations and additional items for members of your bridal party.

If you would like a copy of our 5 page budget checklist feel free to email us at we will be happy to send not only this budget checklist but also a couple of other checklist to help with your planning.

Getting married in today’s modern times is different to when our parents and grandparents married. We want the fairytale wedding but how we get there is different as in some cases we are already a family unit with children, buying and renting, living away from home and most of all we are paying for our own weddings without sometimes any financial support from family.

Advice is to stick to your budget and work out what is most important to the both of you. This is one special day in the rest of your lives with many more special moments to come.

Wedding Hire Melbourne is a family owned business and we believe that getting married does not need to break the bank when decorating your special day. You will be surprised on our pricing and commitment in making your day special.